Providing unsecured finance to cover 100% of the VAT on your commercial property purchases.

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It’s all about cash flow

The VAT liable on a property purchase is a major consideration for purchasers. Mortgage banks do not normally offer loans over 60% LTV which means that 40% in equity is required, as well as standard acquisition costs ranging from between 5 – 7%.

On top of these outlays, the purchaser has to provide a further 20% for the VAT, payable on completion. This additional, sometimes overlooked, cost can pose a significant problem – which jeopardises the deal.

Although the VAT is later recovered from HMRC, reclaiming the money can take up to three or four months, devastating cash flow for the buyer.

BloomSmith’s VAT loan facility is ready to help.
By providing unsecured finance to cover 100% of the VAT on your purchase, we facilitate your deal.

To find out more, call 020 3488 3411 or email [email protected].

Accreditations & Affiliations

Bloomsmith is proud to be a patron on the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers – authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

“… the most reliable VAT lender in the market”

Ludo Mackenzie – Head of Commercial Property, Octopus Property


Is there a minimum or maximum amount that BloomSmith will fund?

The minimum loan is £50,000, equalling the VAT on a £250,000 purchase. There is no maximum amount; however, VAT facilities are subject to discretionary approval and are subject to terms and conditions.

Can I submit multiple applications?

Yes. There is neither a limit to the number of applications nor to the loan amount that a customer can apply for (although each will be represented in an individual SPV).

What paperwork is necessary?

When an application is made to BloomSmith, you will be asked to complete our standard application form documentation and to provide requisite customer information as well as full details of the property to be purchased.

What sorts of references are required?

BloomSmith carries out an ID check and KYC (Know Your Customer) checks, and any personal and professional references will assist.

Who can you provide this VAT loan facility for?

Individuals, companies and brokers approach us. BloomSmith then requires the property to be purchased and held in a SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle), which can be established for the client. The director(s) of the SPV will have been approved by BloomSmith and will stand behind all obligations.

Do you offer a Fast Track service?

Yes. When time is of the essence, we can help. BloomSmith offers a Fast Track facility with rapid turnaround tailored to the needs of the transaction.

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